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I no longer give out my Mobile Number as I only have it for emergencies,and it doesn't work well round here. Also as a potentially hazardous technology I don't encourage using it.

I normally operate in the St Austell, Fowey, Liskeard, area, but travel to Newquay, Truro and Plymouth for gigs and regard the whole of Cornwall and Devon as within range.
For those who dont know, this is all in the South West Of Britain (aka the UK)

If the Job and the fee is right , I will ,of course travel anywhere.

I can also provide professionally recorded acoustic drums, or digital drums in either audio or midi format ,to your existing recordings I have in the past been employed both to Replace,with real drums and to Re-program for better feel, drum machine tracks, in the studio.

Don't be put off; Although I expect a sensible fee for professional work, I can be very reasonable, and will make allowances for musicians of any age, on a low income, and for Benefit Gigs (For causes I agree with).

I can also charge lower fees for work ( ie. dubbing or midi tracks) which can be left with me to do when I have the time, but will have to charge extra for studio time if you want full multi tracked Acoustic drums.

I can work from most Analogue or Digital formats, and can also provide a conversion, cleaning up and mastering service, so don't worry if you've only got a low quality demo tape which you want me to produce a drum track from.

I also enjoy last minute deps on original material or improvised 'versions' of songs. I'm not keen on Cover Versions (i.e. trying to sound just like the original) although I will play them if necessary.

I also know a wide variety of other Musicians in this area ( including drummers who do like 'covers'), and can probably find someone to do the job, and I have contacts with various local studios, from rehearsal space to fully equipped analogue or digital and there's even the internationally renowned Sawmills Studios just up the road ( or rather river ) if you have the need (and the money).

And last but not least, there are a number of jam sessions at local pubs where you can try stuff out in front of a receptive audience, before recording or doing paid gigs with it.

I'm always happy to hear from anyone who may need my services