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Main Kit

My main kit is a classic Premier in jazz/rock sizes with

a wide selection of cymbals to cover different styles,

Mainly Paiste (modern 2002, and classic 602) and Zildjian,

but with a variety of other makes to get specific sounds.

A Different Drum Kit

My Old Kit is Mainly Premier Olympic

from the late 60s with Birch shells

not the cheap stuff they put out under that name now

with a lot of additional sounds in the form of

Roto-toms, bongos, cowbells, temple blocks etc.

I also use a Roland TD-10 based Digital kit

Roland Pd80to allow me:

Direct to MIDI recording,

Big sounds at very low volume levels

handy for some recording/ rehearsal situations,

And Small size . . . . . . . . .Vital for many Cornish pubs.

I used to put this through various amps,
and generally, output through a pair of 270w rms/side

Bose 901 hifi speakers.

But as the Roland has a fatter bass end than the Alesis I was using previously,
and the Bose are not designed for gigging, I've invested in a pair of

JBL Eon 15 powered cabs


Which at 300W,
 of high quality Biamped sound,
and an impressively flat response

are ample for most pubs and small venues
Many bands I've seen recently, have gone for much bigger, cheaper systems,

But I find that the lower quality produces a less clear sound and many more feedback problems
and just leads to damaged ears, without getting the Punch and Drive which give the music real Power.

I've been using the Bose as monitors, but recently have started designing some micro monitors,
based on a 50W HiFi Amp design  which has been causing a stir in Serious Hi Fi circles.
as these will allow lower volumes of monitoring because they're really close to the musicians.
Again, better quality,less feedback, and less ear damage.

As the Monitor design is taking time to produce,

the Latest addition to the setup
is a pair of
JBL Eon 10 Powered Cabs
which I am using as monitors, or Micro PA

I am also presently looking into suitable bass cabs, but most cabs which go low enough
are as big as the kit and the JBLs put together,
until I found----

This lovely little Bass Cab, design looks great for that LOW bass,

but I've yet to find a UK supplier for the Driver,

so I may have to use the Perfect Box program they used or the alternative, winisd, to design my own

Mic'ing the kit
Is taken care of with AKG Drum Mic's
Vocals are covered

with either Sure SM58 or
Audio Technica ATM73a Headset
 I also have various
Instrument, PZM and Other specialist Mic's

And Record either straight to MiniDisc

or using My Yamaha  AW16G Digital 16 track

DAW info