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Sam @ Drums: The website for Sam Bridgeland, Drummer, Percussionist, and Sound Engineer

Active Projects How to Get in Contact Pictures From Various Gigs Download Songs in Mp3 Format NavBarThis is the Website for Sam ,the Drummer.

I provide freelance drumming and percussion for most styles of music

I specialise in Listening ,

Sam on Drums With Mark at the Didje Gathering at Tapeley Housewhich makes me particularly suited to

supporting Singer- Songwriters,

 and any original or Improvised Music.

I particularly enjoy 'funny' times and complex structures but
I'm equally happy laying down a Funky Groove.

I'm lucky enough to get invited to the Didge Gathering

 at Tapeley Hall, each year,  where some

of the top Didje players in the country get together->

I have a wide Variety of Drums and percussion including
Classic Premier, Roland TD10 Digital V- Drums,

Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals,
As well as Traditional hand drums and percussion.

I mainly play the Drum Kit , but have gigged on other drums,

Particularly the Doumbek or Darabuka , which I find allows a wider range

Sam playing snare drum & percussion with the Fallout Marching Band 1985 ish

of sounds and rhythms than the ubiquitous Djembi,
and with far more subtlety.

In addition to Drums and Drumming,
 I have also spent many years
in sound engineering and production both Studio and live gigs,

Par studios still call me in for engineering and when a

Singer/Songwriter needs a drummer who can quickly catch on

to an unusual groove and hold it together for a recording.

Sam Drumming with Driving Blind at a Gig in Nical's Bodmin

In the Other Interests

Section I am putting a wide variety of Links and Information,

Mainly about ,so called,"Alternative" Technology,

with reference to Permaculture and to the works of

Viktor Schauberger (the water wizard)

Nikolai Tesla and Rudolph Steiner

also links to excellent plant and herb databases
and lots of info on alternative power
and Anything Else I think of !

Link To Nicals

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