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Latest, May 2011:
I am sadly no longer Drumming for Lost in space as I felt changes in musical direction needed discussing and the majority felt they were better off with a drummer who wanted to play the new style, not discuss it ;)

Page will be updated soon


Lost    inSpace Lost In Space: funked up psychedelic stomping ska gypsy Grooves

I also Perform with : The Hornets StreetBand
Who are a street band playing Modern versions of Cornish Classics
Some of The Hornets at Perran Sands for St Pirans Day

At the moment I am, in theory, still in 3 inactive Bands: But there's Little sign of Life:

about 2 hours of material so far
We don't know What to Label this as
So You'll have to Visit MySpace or
We All Get Old
or Devil
 Or all the Demos as High Quality Mp3s From Here

and Decide for Yourselves
                     Content Warning
              Lyrics include words you might not want your small children to sing along to

Age (the FrontMan) is presently working in Japan

Mischievious Undergarments,A Very Alternative band From Fowey, Cornwall, UK. AKA Mischevious Undergarments, AKA Mischevous Undergarments,AKA Mischeivious Undergarments,AKA Mischievous Undergarments,AKA Mischeivous Undergarments"

Sociedad Pescatores at Fowey Town Hall

Neil and Sam
went on to work with Will
 as Sociedad Pescatores.
Unfortunately before we got to the
gigging stage , Will Moved away.
There was one Gig in Fowey Town hall, with positive reviews.
There are no decent recordings, but
 Here's a Rehearsal Jam
to give you an idea.

Driving Blind

After our hugely sucessful Hub Gig,
Bandmembers' other commitments stopped any further Rehearsals, Recordings, or Gigs.
But there are discussions in the early stages about Recording,
and possible gigs to follow in the near future.

Driving Blind live at the Hub in Plymouth

Neil and Sam Also have an ongoing Project, waiting for a Singer/ FrontPerson/BassPlayer who can do something with it:
The 31 3  ( previously known as PR1M3 )
Trio involving Odd timings and Punchy Sounds
Early stages
2 or 3 numbers musically complete
But waiting for Lyrics
Have a listen to Threesh & PentUp
And Get in touch if you or anyone you know can add to it

And I have recently been Depping for     Caracana - Cornish and Celtic Songs and Dances
Who Play Original, and Traditional Cornish and Celtic Songs and Dances
     And for        Cold Feet
Playing Mainly Rock Covers