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Sam@Drums Mp3 Download Page
Nasty AKA Beltane Playing Town Quay Fowey, for the Daphne DuMaurier Festival
2000 - Medicinal Purposes- LipService - Edited Loop 566K Mp3 Download
1995_ The Fabulous Bigsby Brothers - Weird Thang - Edit -1.2M Mp3 1986- Machine Stops - FLATTENED FISH - EDIT - 639K MP3
Sam With Dave from Machine Stops - Any Other Buisiness - 1984/85 1984_Flying Buttresses - NOISE- EDIT - 669K MP3
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All of these Mp3 Downloads have been edited for speed of Downloading. If you want more, get in touch with Sam (the drummer).A compilation Cd should be available Soon (perhaps now), But be warned,most of the bands were recorded Live or on old Tape machines so much of the quality is low.