We are Mischievious Undergarments
Mischievious Undergarments_ The Band from Fowey Cornwall UK, AKA Mischeivous Undergarments AKA  Mischievous Undergarments AKA  Mischievous Underpants AKA Mischievious Underpants
Formed when Age (Bloodshot, Kirsty&theKoasters), Started gigging a set of his own Songs and, Sam (Driving Blind, The3One3, Medicinal Purposes,Jazz ConspirAcy) Said he'd Love to add some Drums.
So the Gig that Neil (Pro-Seed,The3One3),turned up at was an Acoustic Guitar and Drumkit Duo, and He decided he neeeded to add some Bass. And the Undergarments were Spawned.
Here's our demo.
Not Brilliant recordings, but you'll get the idea.
Large Files 320 kbps
Keep On Rolling     13.6MB
Lots of Fun          12.2MB
We All Get Old       7.09MB
Sauce                    12.4MB
Devil                      6.06MB
Smaller files 192 kbps
Keep On Rolling    8.20MB
Lots Of Fun          7.33MB
WeAllGetOld       4.31MB
Sauce                  7.47MB
Devil                    3.64MB

if you want to contact us  use our  Myspace

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( or bookings or contact ) at mischievious.co.uk
or phone 01726 833486