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The Joys Of St Austell

Growing up in the

 Quaint surroundings of Stennalees, Selwyn could never have imagined he would end up as


Both a leading Musician, and the Main Engineer and producer at St Austell's Biggest Studio Complex


The  ApeCage Studio complex shortly after it was created

Studio Complex358.80 Kb

and it's farsighted design still dominates the area although less dramatically


it enjoys Scenic Views


and is at the heart of local culture

to match the dramatic modern styling of the Studios

 the Council remodelled St Austell

a process being finished off by todays Councillors with the demolition of the 1930s Deco styled Cinema


removing the last hinderance to Rebuilding a new St.Austell with no reference to it's past at all

soon we'll have a nice modern Town built with the latest attitudes to care and craftsmanship to go with the New Railway Station

seen here shortly after it's opening in time for Christmas 2007


I don't think "Tommy" Agar-Robartes, the St.Austell MP who died in the 1st World War

could have believed what the council have done with the Old St.Austell he knew and loved, but then he lived


in the abysmally old fashioned conditions at Lanhydrock House, which perhaps, the council  should consider modernising, in his memory, once they've finished off St.Austell

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