It is with great sadness that we must inform you all of the death of
Arlo Joseph Bridgeland
Arlo Bridgeland. 4th Nov1999 - 23 Nov
Beloved son of Karen and Sam and brother to Megan
He will be great missed by us, Rhianna who he has shared the last quarter of his life with,
and by so many others whose lives he has touched in his short time with us.
He was a genuinely lovely person, and always a team player striving to bring out the best in those around him,
But it is now apparent that his life was a lot harder for him than he made it seem,
and he chose to end it in the early hours of the 22nd of November 2023.

There was a small ceremony at the Westerleigh Cemetary crematorium at 3.30 on the 20th Dec

We are planning on gathering to scatter Arlo's ashes at St Catherine's Castle on the 3rd of March
with an associated memorial/wake in Fowey
Details will be shared here and in posts to Arlo's Facebook page

If you would like to come then please contact us so we have some idea of numbers

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Arlo Bridgeland's Dad

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This is the most recent version of Arlo's Spotify playlist

Spotify playlist
Be warned that with hindsight some songs may be hard to listen to.

If there are any tunes you particularly associate with Arlo

 or that he introduced you to,
 please tell us when you message.

If you particularly like certain songs please buy them or send an artist contribution as spotify pays them nearly nothing.